Loch Ness Hostel Visitor Comments

What we are really like about this amazing 5 star hostel by Loch Ness!

Belgium Flag
Big Wow!  What a fantastic place!  Great room,  food and walks and of course a perfect Hostess! 
Cathy and Paul, Brussels, BELGIUM
British Flag
Best hostel I've stayed.  We had a really pleasant stay.Very warm and welcoming.  Thank you.
Fesaan Karim, Manchester, ENGLAND
Finnish Flag
This place is too good to be called a "hostel"
Teppo Smirnov , Tampere,  FINLAND
Spannish Flag
This is what in Spain is called "triunfada"  wonderful place.
Rebecca Banos, Madrid, SPAIN

Thank you.  Thank you.  We will be back next year
Robert Double & Jodie Walz, Mn. USA

Congratulations - the best hostel we ever stayed at!!!   Thank you.  
Anita Glanznig and Stehan Kaaden, GERMANY
Spannish Flag
A fantastic place.  Thank you for all,  bellisimo!!
Beatriz Garcia, Madrid, SPAIN
Austrian Flag
Probably the best time I had in Scotland. Thank you
Michael Biringer, Vienna, AUSTRIA
Irish Flag

Wow, what a hostel, thanks for your hospitality. What and enjoyable stay.
Marc Ueffernan and Miriam Quinn, Galway, IRELAND

Home from home - loving it!  Someone has  finally got it right! 
Ineeze and Mark Ladyka, Kirkcaldy, SCOTLAND                                                 
Thank you Mel.  This is a fantastic centre, with a  very generous host.
Gordon MacVicar and jenny Detez, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Spannish Flag
Mel, you saw my expression when you showed me the hostel.  It's an incredible place!!!
Sergio Sait, Cantabria,  SPAIN
Netherlands Flag Straight A's for hospitality!
Victor Boschman, Zelmen,  The NETHERLANDS
Austrian Flag
Best hostel I've ever been to!
Michael Goll, Vienna,  AUSTRIA